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Olam Vietnam

Olam Vietnam is the subsidiary of Olam International Ltd and one of the largest exporter of Cashew nut, Pepper, Green Coffee and Instant Coffee from VN having operations across Central and South VN.

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Why Olam Vietnam?

Olam International was established in 1989 with 1 product in 1 country, trading cashew from Nigeria into India. Today we are a leading agri-business operating from seed to shelf in 70 countries, supplying food and industrial raw materials to over 16,200 customers worldwide. Our team of 62,500 full-time, seasonal, contract and temporary employees have built a leadership position in many businesses including cocoa, coffee, cashew, rice and cotton. We have 47 different products across 16 platforms.

Over the last 26 years, our consistently sustainable and profitable economic and commodity growth has been largely due to a key intangible asset – our people. Over the years, we have nurtured talent who have become business leaders with ambition, inventiveness, entrepreneurism and commitment. They have enhanced our global presence.

Olam commenced operations in Vietnam in 2000, setting up our first coffee factory in the Daknong Province. Since then, we have established an extensive presence across different parts of Vietnam, including our head office in Ho Chi Minh City and regional offices in the Long An, Dong Nai, Daklak, Lamdong, Gialai and Binh Dinh Provinces, and expanded our operations in other South East Asia countries.Today, Olam is the largest exporter of cashews, pepper and instant coffee in Vietnam, investing US$100 million in a state-of-the-art instant coffee facility and running seven large factories with 5,000 employees across Central and South Vietnam. We are also the third largest exporter of green coffee and a large buyer of Vietnamese rice. Olam currently supplies cotton, wood products, dairy products and wheat into Vietnam

We have established sustainability programmes for black pepper, coffee and cashew. We are excited about our future prospects here as the country has huge potential in agriculture.

Entrepreneurship – ‘we dare to dream'

• We continuously seek unique opportunities and act upon them at every level in the organisation.

• We promote intelligent risk taking when the potential rewards are great.

• We make it safe for our managers to fail occasionally as a learning process.

• We eat our own cooking. We encourage our people to participate in the risk and rewards of the business by putting their net worth at risk through taking equity stakes in the business.

Stretch & Ambition – ‘our passion for doing more’   

• We instil ambition and aspire for high standards of success.

• We shape our ambition through inducting a unique point of view of the future of our businesses.

• We embed the desire to achieve that which seems beyond our grasp.

• We demonstrate discretionary effort and passion for doing more than expected.

Partnerships – ‘we strive to develop positive and long-term relationships with our partners’

• We understand and respect our customers’ and suppliers’ needs.

• We strive to develop positive and long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.

• We endeavour to achieve high customer and supplier satisfaction.

Mutual Respect & Teamwork – ‘we treat each other the way we want to be treated’

• We show respect for each other and our points of view through responsible, open, 2 way communication.

• We value the diversity among our colleagues in style, language and talent.

• We actively share information and ideas in a boundary-less manner regardless of business unit or self interest.

• We encourage widespread participation in our decision making process.

Integrity – ‘we stay true to what we believe, say and do’

• We always strive to do the right thing.

• We are committed to fostering sustainable and responsible business practices.

• We promote ideas, projects and people based on merit in an objective and unbiased way.

Ownership – ‘we take responsibility as if we were founders of the business'

• We demonstrate an ownership mindset in everything we do.

• We show an intensity to win.

• We deliver on our role and responsibilities. We make and deliver on commitments.

• We set high standards for execution excellence through continuous improvement.

• We strive to organise to get things right the first time.

• Olam’s strong people management capabilities have helped fuel our growth over the past twenty five years. From the very beginning, investing in and developing talent and leadership has been one of our top priorities and that process is deeply embedded in our corporate culture. It is a testimony to this capability that in 2010 Olam was ranked among the Top 20 Global Companies for Leaders by Fortune Magazine and Hewitt Consultants.

• We place a strong emphasis on developing a deep bench-strength of managers and we understand that success stems from the ability of our people to execute our multiple growth initiatives. This is accomplished by ensuring that each time a new business is started, a new geography is opened, or a new value chain initiative is developed, we are able to deploy a core team of leaders and managers who have the capabilities to spearhead the opportunity.


• At Olam, we continue to hire, engage, develop and retain both leaders and a diverse high-quality workforce, providing both with an inclusive work environment. Our employees worldwide work alongside many unique individuals – entrepreneurs, technical specialists, suppliers, customers, government stakeholders – all doing their best to achieve mutual success.

• We have been very successful in retaining our talent, providing them with diverse experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our senior management team for example, comprises over 90 top managers that have worked an average period of 14 years in Olam. The key to this high retention rate is our people-sensitive work environment, one with multiple staff touch points to ensure the speedy resolution of personal issues.


Olam is committed to responsible growth. We ensure profitable growth is achieved in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. Only by ensuring this is an integral part of our business model can we deliver long-term value for all stakeholders. Olam is revolutionising seed to shelf supply chains through the Olam Sustainability Standard. Each step of Olam’s value chain is being examined to identify and implement measures to sustainably deliver products across all of its geographies by 2020.


• It’s important for our stakeholders to understand that our Core Purpose of Growing Responsibly is not just a sustainability initiative. Rather it is embedded within Olam’s overall business framework. It describes how we do our business every day and therefore all business units, geographies and functions are accountable for living this ethos.

Growing Responsibly seeks to ensure that profitable growth is achieved in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. As can be seen from the three supporting pillars, Growing Responsibly doesn’t just mean protecting the environment and supporting farmers and communities. By including Commercial factors, such as having a sound business model with strong risk management and governance, we protect our investors, shareholders and employees, which in turn means we have a resilient and sustainable business for our farmers, suppliers and customers.

• Our Sustainability strategy is therefore implemented under the framework of Growing Responsibly, primarily focusing on the Social and Environmental pillars. It is driven by the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) Function with Manufacturing and Technical Services (MATS) playing a key role.

My role:

I am the Head of Finance & Accounts for Olam Vietnam Ltd. My key responsibility is to lead the F&A function and to partner with the business heads towards achieving the country business goals. The responsibility of the function is also to execute the business strategy which includes elements of strategic finance, operational reporting requirements as well as statutory & compliances requirements. I lead a team of around 50 members including the central team and the F&A team spread across multiple locations in Vietnam.

My Career@Olam

I joined Olam as an Accounts Manager in 2010. Over the past 6 years, I got exposure of working on various business expansion, new investments and M&A projects in Vietnam. I have had lots of chances working with Olam global managers from various businesses and countries where I gained experience from and exchanged knowledge with my fellows. These 6 years have been pivotal for my development & career, today I head Finance & Accounts for the largest legal entity of Olam in Vietnam and I proud of being part of Olam Vietnam and Olam Group, such a great organization.

My advice

For one to grow in career it is extremely important to have or develop an ownership mindset. Ownership towards your role & work deliverables. The growth will only come when you gain the larger organization confidence in your potential the foundation of which lies in the ownership mindset.

My profile fit with Olam

I enjoy working in challenging assignments which requires stretch. The work culture in Olam is enterprising where we believe the biggest source of learning is provided by stretch roles and that’s where I find my aspiration and Olam’s grooming philosophy a good fit.

About me

I am an outdoor person enjoy playing tennis, sightseeing, taking photograph and riding bike.

My role:

I am Trung, Production Manager at Café Outspan Vietnam. My key responsibilities are setting up the Capex budget for departments and control and monitor the budget in the target. Setting the KRAs (Key result area) for self and deploy KRAs to the teams. Planning and ensuring the readiness of production resources (e.g. manpower, equipment, materials etc.) compliance with requirements. Monitor the performance of the operations via KPIs, MIS (Management information system) report, daily meeting to ensure all targets and objectives achieved. Ensuring co-operation for the establishment of Cafe Outspan applicable standards such as Food Safety-  HACCP, Quality System; ISO 14000, OHSAS making sure that all systems are functioning once established. To co-operate with concerned departments to ensure smooth operation. Coach and develop people, help people implement plan and provide the direction to the team. Keeping the operation efficient level by monitoring and administrating the production budget and cost control systems within budget to minimize production losses and to ensure low cost and high efficiency operations. 

With the right KRAs in place, good plan of people development, and discipline execution, our business has grown fast and sustainable.  

My path

I have been working for Café Outspan since July 2013. In March, 2016 I passed the Band selecting and got promote to worldwide manager team.

My advice:

Key success are clear and challenge KRAs, well planned, collaboration and good execution. Applicable strong standard system (TPM, BRC, ISO 14000, OHSAS; SAP) will help business in right direction and continuous improvement. Working with a worldwide company we have the chance to work with many great talents and professional management, we learn a lot of best practices from other. Team work is very important.

Why we’re Better Together

Café Outspan is modern, high technology and good environment are valuable factors to make Café Outspan a good place for working. Besides, Café Outspan is open company where every idea is valued and where people can be developed and see their future and career development. 

About me:

I have a great family with 3 kids: 3 boys. My hobbies are playing Tennis, reading book (The Toyota way, Management, people skill) listening to music.

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